Dad bites off his 1-month-old son's nose for doing something all newborns do

Warning: This story is undoubtedly going to piss you off. A psychotic teen dad from Fairfield, California was arrested and charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayhem after biting off the nose of his 1-month-old baby boy just because the poor thing wouldn't stop crying. What kind of demented human being would even think to do a thing like that?


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According to reports, Joshua Cooper, the 18-year-old father, claims that he got so frustrated with the baby's crying that he snapped and bit off his nose. Yea because that's a normal way to react to your baby crying, right? What a nut case!

The baby's 17-year-old mother went "hysterical" after learning what happened and instantly called police to report the incident. Cops not only found the baby with his nose chewed off but apparently the infant also suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. They are currently still investigating what could have caused the skull to fracture, but I wouldn't be surprised if the child's terrible father did more than just bite off his nose.

Fortunately, the baby was rushed to the hospital and is currently in stable condition, but that doesn't mean he won't suffer from future health complications due to his father's evil act. Not to mention, this newborn doesn't have a nose right now. Imagine having to put a baby that young under the knife to get his nose reconstructed? Poor thing!

I'm hoping the mother of this kid puts a restraining order against Cooper. This man is clearly a disturbed, demented individual who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near his child or any other kid for that matter. Forget jail, they need to send this fool to a psych ward ASAP!

Image via Fairfield Police Department

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