Dad busted after day care finds 50 bags of heroin in toddler's jacket

HeroinAn employee at a daycare center in Paterson, New Jersey found 48 glassine envelopes of heroin in a 2-year-old's jacket on Monday. I'm freaking out about this! The employee of Michael's Energy Factory called the police. Police were able to figure out that the child had been dropped off by his father and on Tuesday, 27-year-old Phillip Young was arrested and charged with endangering the life of a child. His bail is set at $85,000. Okay, as crazy as what I've told you sounds, there's more and it is very upsetting.


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Glassine bagsThat child could have died. I had no idea what glassine bags are, so I looked them up and they certainly are not child-proof. That child could have easily ended up with heroin in his mouth.

Not to mention that his father should be charged with multiple counts of endangering a child because he put all the children in that facility in danger. Arrrghhhh!!!!

And I feel so bad for all the parents who have kids at that center and angry at the actual daycare because can you believe that they did not inform parents of what had happened? They did not tell any of the other kids' parents that there had been heroin brought to the school. I mean if your child was at that center, wouldn't you want to be informed by them as opposed to hearing it on the news? Unbelievable. Naturally, parents are enraged. 

I am so happy that nothing awful happened to any of the children.

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