Dad brings his 3-year-old along to pick up prostitutes

dumb dadWhen moms leave their kids with their fathers, usually they expect something to go wrong, but one dad did the unthinkable. Florida dad Patrick Williams was driving along Ridgewood Avenue, where prostitutes are known to roam the streets. Williams was looking to satisfy a sexual urge when he went trolling in the area, but the problem with this scenario is that Williams is married AND he had his 3-year-old son with him!

That didn't stop the despicable father from talking up a hooker and ALMOST following through with the act. In fact, the idiot man didn't realize that the woman he thought was a prostitute was really an undercover cop. BUSTED!


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Williams claims that he was part of a big entrapment scheme and that he was simply on his way to buy his son toys when he stopped to "pray" for the prostitute. Um, did he mean "PAY"? He explained that after talking to the woman, he turned around and left the scene.

Cops pulled him over moments later, though, and arrested him for soliciting a prostitute. Williams plans on fighting the charges and insists he's innocent. "I never solicited in any way. She came over, offered everything," he told a local TV station. However, police say that their undercover officer posing as the prostitute told the dad that she had a hotel room and that the child could watch cartoons as she performed oral sex on him. He agreed to the arrangement.

Police say the embarrassing scenario has also pissed off Williams' wife who is not happy knowing her husband was trying to cheat in the presence of their child.

This guy deserves a dad of the year award! What kind of person goes to pick up hookers with this toddler in tow?! At least if you're going to be a skeezeball don't taint your child's mind with your philandering. He was seriously considering doing something like this and then tried defending himself with the weakest and dumbest excuse ever. I sincerely hope his wife leaves him and takes custody of their kid, because that is NOT okay.


Image via WESH 2

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