Latino chokes, threatens to kill woman & you'll never believe why

I'm warning you, there's some really sick people walking around this Earth. A 23-year-old Florida man was arrested on Sunday after choking and threatening to kill a 47-year-old woman for the most insane reason you could imagine. Andrew Vasquez basically told this woman that he was going to strangle her to death for the craziest reason you've ever heard. Ready?


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He threatened to kill her if she didn't give him a blow job. Can you believe that crap? Ugh!

According to reports, the woman had gone out for a few drinks the night before. She told officials that she left the bar around 10:30 p.m. then went home, went to bed and was suddenly awakened by Vasquez who was banging on her front door at midnight.

Now here's where things get weird: The woman claims she let him inside her home and went back to bed with Vasquez who reportedly got naked. Ummm ... were they seeing each other? Supposedly he "put his hands around her neck and started choking her" demanding that she perform oral sex on him or else he'd "kill her."

Somehow she managed to get him to go to the kitchen (most likely so she could grab a weapon) but he grabbed her neck and threatened her there as well. Luckily, she was able to reach for a beer bottle, knocked him out and ran out. But police claim they found her with no pants, no panties and no marks on her neck. Kind of sketchy, no? Plus, why was she completely pantsless if she told police she went to bed fully clothed and never made any mention of the man stripping her down to her bare butt?

Vasquez was arrested shortly after and charged with domestic battery by strangulation and sexual battery by coercion or threat. He's has a jail bond set for $27,500.

I'm not doubting this woman's statement, as far as I understand it this psychopath tried killing her because she didn't want to go down on him. Plus, based on his mugshots he looks like a nut. But I do find some of the details in this woman's story rather odd. For starters, who was this man? Were they dating or were they just friends? Why did she let him get into her bed naked and if she claims she hit the sack fully dressed, why did she run to police with no pants or panties on? The whole thing seems off to me. There's definitely a piece missing to this puzzle!

Image via Flagler County Sheriff's Office

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