Crazy fat cat holds family hostage

cat holds family hostageThis is the kind of story that will make you snicker because even though a family was put in danger, it's just nuts and a little bit funny. On Sunday, Teresa Barker, Lee Palmer, their 7-month-old son Jesse and their dog where held hostage by their 22-pound cat Lux. They straight up had to barricade themselves in a room so that the 4-year-old part Himalayan kitty wouldn't attack them. They tried to call animal control for help, but were unsuccessful and ended up having to call the police for help. What happened that made this cat turn on the family?


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Jesse pulled the cat's tail and naturally the cat, being a cat, did not like it. Lux attacked Jesse and Palmer kicked the cat in the butt to get him away from his child. Fortunately, Jesse only suffered a few scratches on the head. Now, before you go getting all upset that Palmer kicked the cat, think about what you would do if you were trying to get an angry cat off of your baby.

Well, the swift kick in the butt made the cat go "over the edge." The family and their dog had to hide behind a closed door and every time they tried to come out, the cat let them know in no uncertain terms that they were gonna get it.

In the 911 call, you can hear the cat screeching in the background. When police arrived, they were able to subdue the cat and put him in a cage with the help of a dog snare.

The only reason why I find this funny is because no one was seriously hurt. It's surreal to think of a cat being able to do this to a family. Now, the family has to decide what to do about Lux. They have had offers from people who are interested in adopting the cat, but they love the cat and aren't ready to say goodbye. They are keeping an eye on him and keeping the tail-pulling baby away. Lux will be seen by a vet and a pet psychiatrist.

I wish Lux and the family luck. I can't help but wonder what the dog thinks about this entire situation.

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