SEE: Horrifying images of 6-year-old Latino stabbed in throat with a pencil

Ruben AguilarI'm not even related to this kid and I am so upset by what happened to 6-year-old Ruben Aguilar while he was in school, that I can't even imagine how angry his parents must be. On February 27, this little boy was stabbed in the neck with a pencil by a fellow classmate who had been bullying him at Crowell Elementary School in Turlock, California. The pencil was dangling from Aguilar's neck and what do you think the school did? If you think they called an ambulance, you would be wrong. Nope, they called the boy's father also named Ruben Aguilar, who sent the boy's grandfather to pick him up. You are not going to believe what the grandfather dealt with when he got to the school.


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child stabbed with pencil in throatThe child had a pencil stuck in his throat! The boy's grandfather posted what happened on Facebook via Ruben Aguilar's page, he wrote,

When I went to pick him up he was sitting there with a pencil just dangling. I ask where the nurse was they said she was somewhere else at another emergency. I'd like to know what the emergency was? Then they asked me if I wanted to pull the pencil out all I asked (for was a) damn piece of tape and taped it to his chest. I feel they should have called an ambulance, he could have been bleeding internally.

The school's excuse for not calling an ambulance is that parents have complained about the cost in the past. Are you kidding me with this? There is a kid with a pencil dangling from his throat and you think it is better to save money and not call an ambulance?

Of course the little boy's parents are extremely upset. The boy's father says, "My son's life means more to me than a couple hundred dollars of whatever I would end up paying." I think any parent would agree.

The little boy was treated at a hospital and is fine. He is now going to another school, but he is traumatized by what happened to him and cries because he is afraid to go to school. Pobrecito.

You can see more of the story and what happened to this child in the video below. I'm glad the family is going public with the incident because this shouldn't happen to any child of any age anywhere and much less at school.

Images via CBS Sacramento

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