Mom arrested after 3 Kids walk to police station & you will not believe why (VIDEO)

Katarina ShortI don't know what is going on lately, but tales of mothers behaving badly are way too abundant. The stories go from bad to worse. The mother I am currently appalled with is 26-year-old Katarina Short from Farmington, New Hampshire. On Tuesday morning this woman's three kids, who are a 5, a 4 and a 1-year-old went outside on their own in temperatures that were around zero degrees at the time. The ringleader of the group was the 5-year-old. He did his best to get himself and his siblings dressed and bundled up for the cold, but being that he is quite young, he couldn't zip up the zippers on their jackets and his 1-year-old sister had her shoes on the wrong feet. The children were trying to get themselves to their preschool, which is two miles away from their home, but they didn't make it.


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It was too cold and thank goodness that after 200 yards in below freezing weather, they decided to stop at a police station and ask for help. The video of these kids is heartbreaking. All the 5-year-old wanted to do was get to school and he asked the police for a ride. The thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

The police fed the kids a hot breakfast and medics checked them out to make sure that they were in good health.

Katrina Short showed up to look for her kids about an hour later with some ridiculous excuse of how she had left the kids with a sitter that morning so she could run an errand. Police were able to determine that she had not hired a babysitter and they suspect this isn't the first time those kids were put in that kind of situation. Well, it doesn't take a professional to figure that out.

Short was arrested and released on $4,000 bail. She is facing three charges of endangering a child as well as providing false information to police. Her kids are now in foster care. I hope those kids are able to stay together and find a safe and caring home. I want to give the 5-year-old a big ol' hug because it is obvious that he has been taking care of his younger siblings in a way that no 5-year-old should have to.

Image via Farmington Police Department

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