SEE: Mom endanger daughter on bus & no one does anything about it

woman on SEPTA nodding offOn March 6, a very disturbing video of a young girl dealing with what appears to be her drugged out mother on the bus was posted to the People of SEPTA Facebook page. SEPTA stands for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, so it is public transit and this horrible footage was captured on the Route 66 bus in Philadelphia. It's so bad it almost seems like one of those What Would You Do? set-ups with John Quiñones, but it's not and the worst part is that no one did anything except tape the incident. When you see the video, you are going to be both shocked and disappointed.


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The video shows a young-ish mother sitting on a bus seat by the back door. She is facing out into the aisle and has got to be on some kind of substance because she is just shy of comatose. She can hardly keep herself upright, her mouth is slack, and I can't tell what the heck her eyes are doing.

Her daughter, who cannot possibly be older than say ten, is sitting across the aisle from her and every time the mother almost tips over head first into the aisle the daughter does her best to prop her back up. As you watch the video it becomes abundantly clear who the caregiver and responsible one in the relationship is and it is NOT the mother.

What's crazy is that not one single person did anything about it. No one asked the girl if she was okay, no one checked on the mother's condition, no one called 911. Astounding.

The video has been shared on Facebook so much that it caught the attention of the Philadelphia police and the Department of Human Services. The woman in the video was identified with the help of Facebook users. The woman has not been charged with anything, but an investigation is underway to see if the daughter was put in harm's way. Uh, I think the answer to that is obvious. YES, the girl was put in harm's way.

DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose, puts into words, exactly how I feel about this situation. She says, "Child abuse is a community problem. If you see or know that a child is being abused or neglected, you should report it immediately."

I understand being reluctant to get involved in certain situations, but when a child is involved, the very least we can do is call the cops.

You can check out what happened in the video and let me know whether you would feel comfortable letting that child get off the bus with a mother in that condition.

Image via DED HED/YouTube

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