Pee attacker on the loose in Florida!

man peeingSomeone in Florida is up to crazy shenanigans again. What is it about Florida? I don't know, but as soon as I found out about this guy who is accused of peeing on people on the street, I just knew the chances were super high that it was happening in Florida and I was right. Yes, you read that right! The Gainsville Police Department in Florida has received various complaints from people who have been peed on in locations near the University of Florida campus. And no, they were not anywhere near restroom urninals where someone could have lost control of their stream and accidentally splashed them with urine. Nope, these walk-by pisses appear to have been done on purpose.


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The reported incidents happened on Febraury 22 and 26, as well as March 1. The victims told police that they were standing with their backs to the suspect when they felt themselves get peed on. Ewww, yuck! When they turned to confront the guy, he exposed himself to them and then ran away. ¡Qué cochino!

The suspect is described as a medium build to chunky black man around 25 to 30 years old, with short curly hair and a dark complexion. If you see anyone that fits that description peeing on a stranger, that's probably the guy. Call the cops, do not approach the man as you do not want to get in his line of fire so to speak.

Seriously though, I have never heard of such nonsense. Have you? What the heck does this guy do? Drink himself silly with some kind of beverage so that he can fill up his bladder and get his rocks off by peeing on strangers? Tell me this kind of stuff only happens in Florida, please!

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