Single mom killed almost exactly like her twin sister 18 years before

If you are not a big believer in karma, spirits, metaphysical or in general any out-of-body experiences, but have an open mind, this story might shake your believes to the core. Sarah Sanaghan, a 29-year-old nurse and single mother, died tragically in the same way and few feet away from the same spot her twin sister died 18 years ago. Sarah was struck dead when a truck hit the passenger side of her car on an expressway near Crete, Indiana. The nurse was pronounced dead at a hospital in Dyer from blunt force trauma to the head. What's chilling about this tragic story is that almost the same exact thing happened 18 years ago, the night Sarah's twin sister Cari died also hit by car. Chills!


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At that time, the coroner said that Cari had been "hit so hard she probably didn't feel anything."

Eighteen years ago when the Sanaghan twins were only 11 years old, they were hosting a sleepover for two of their friends. Shortly after midnight when Cynthia, the twins' mother, woke up to a quiet house, she assumed the girls had finally fallen asleep, but instead she heard Sarah's cries for help coming from outside. Cynthia thought they were in a ditch, but to her horror, she found four bodies scattered on the street. When she tried to performe CPR on Sarah and Cari while someone called 911, she knew Sarah was the only survivor because the other bodies were "too broken."

The girls had snuck out to visit a boy who lived near by when they were fatally struck by a neighbor's car who fled the scene, but was later identified as Richard Devon. Though Richard only served 2 1/2 years in prison, the Sanaghan family helped champion a new legislation that makes leaving the scene of a tragic accident punishable by three to 14 years in prison. 

Perhaps Sarah wasn't meant to die that night 18 years ago, but sadly her life wasn't going to last that long either. She leaves behind her 11-year-old son Elijah, the same age she was when tragedy marked her life.

A lot of questions remain: Why wasn't Sarah's number up that fatal night 18 years ago? Why was it now that she was a happy mother? Why do some people escape tragedy by the skin of their teeth or is it coincidence? Are there really sliding doors when it comes to life or death? Well, someday we might know some answers, but in the meantime, my prayers are with Cynthia, Elijah and the Sanaghans.

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