WATCH: Principal drags kindergarten kids across floor & gets rewarded

What would you do if a teacher or principal put their hands on your child? Now, what if she dragged your kindergartener on the floor through the hallways? Carmen Perez Dickson, a principal at Tisdale Schoolin Connecticut, was caught on camera on two different occasions dragging two different kindergarten students through the hallways of her school. Picking them up by their legs and dropping them, only to grab them by their hair or hat and continue dragging frightened children down the hallways of her school. The kids did not fight back.

The incidences took place in Spring of 2012, but the parents of the children have just recently leaked the video footage of her actions in response to the inconsequential six- month suspension Principal Perez Dickson received, versus the firing she should have received.


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To make matters worse, she is returning to work in the district as an administrator. That's right, she dragged 5-year-olds around the floor like animals and is receiving a promotion. According to Perezz Dickson's lawyer, she was using "reasonable force" to remove these children from the ground and did not violate Board of Education policy.

adult dragging student OK, I don't know about you, but if I found out that a teacher, principal or anyone was dragging my kindergartener around the floor through the hallways of the school, I would be pissed! No one has the right to put their hands on my children. I don't manhandle my own children and I certainly would not drag them around the floor like an animal so there is no way I would stand by while a school administrator did it. We'd be in court. I wouldn't stop until she was fired.

This woman has gone beyond just being a mean person; she has abused the power of her position and violated the trust of these children and their parents. The worst part of all is that now, Dickson is calling for an investigation into how the videos were leaked because she feels they were supposed to be "confidential" and could be harmful to her reputation. Well, those parents trusted her with their children and she were supposed to be "humane,"  so I guess everyone feels betrayed.

No child deserves to be dragged on the floor by anyone, least of all an adult in an authoritative position that they trust to protect them. I don't send my kids to school to be spanked or grabbed on. I can discipline my own children thank you.

 Image via  NBC Connecticut

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