WATCH: Chilling video shows woman trying to kill herself, saved by miracle

woman about to jump off bridgeThis video of a woman attempting to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge is astounding. The footage was caught by a surveillance video camera in China although it is unclear where exactly this took place. What is clear is that the woman would have jumped off the highway overpass and died if it weren't for what strangers were willing to do for her. You've got to see the footage to really grasp the seriousness of the situation.


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When the clip starts you see a woman in a pink jacket walk to the overpass bridge and start climbing on the railing. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to want to climb on that railing other than to jump off the bridge. It's a rainy day and a woman with a white umbrella sees what is going on. She runs to stop the woman from jumping, and maybe the woman did have second thoughts because she grabs onto a concrete pillar to stop herself from falling. Before you know it, people are running toward this woman to help her and it takes the efforts of many to rescue her.

I don't know what happened to this woman, what would drive her to want to end her life by jumping off of a bridge, but I hope that it means something to her that so many people, so many strangers were willing to rush to her aid and do everything in their power to stop her. It might not mean anything to her right now. She might not mentally be in a place where she can absorb that, but I hope someday she can appreciate that her life means something even to total strangers.

Watch the video and be ready to have some faith in humanity restored.

Image via Live Leak

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