Mom found dead in car buried under snow & parking tickets

nadia malikThe body of a missing 22-year-old woman in Philadelphia was found in an illegally parked car by a busy train station. Nadia Malik had disappeared on February 9 without any clue as to where she may be. The mom of two was discovered after a lengthy search that has left police eyeing her boyfriend, 22-year-old Bhupinder Singh as a prime suspect.

What left me shocked about this story is exactly why it took police so long to find her, and the ridiculous reason they were able to do so.


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The lifeless body of Malik was found without any physical injuries in a black Nissan Altima which required police to do further investigation. The shocking reason the woman wasn't found sooner is because the snowstorms that have hit the area covered the vehicle which also had tinted windows.

The car even collected multiple parking tickets since her disappearance but she still went unnoticed. When police found her, she had a bookbag placed on top of her that had other items spilled out in the car.

Police say they arrested and charged her boyfriend because he had taken one of their children with him to his home in Ohio without notifying his probation oficer. They are continuing their investigation as they are seeking to learn the woman's cause of death.

This is so eerie! This poor woman wasn't found until weeks later even though many people walked by the vehicle she was in. I'm surprised no one decided to check inside especially since so many tickets are accumulated. That would be somewhat suspicious to me if I saw that in person. It's also sketchy that her boyfriend took one of their children with him without teling police. I hope they find an answer as to how she died and who is to blame sooner than later. My thoughts are with her family and children during this difficult time.

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