Genesis Carmona, Venezuelan beauty queen, dies after being shot at protests

After the tragic death of Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear last month, another beauty queen has become a victim to Venezuela's violence. This time it's 23-year-old Genesis Carmona who won the title of Miss Tourism in 2013.

The beauty queen had been participating in protests against the state of her country when she was shot in the head and was hospitalized under critical condition. However, doctors couldn't save her and she succumbed to her injuries this afternoon.


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Carmona was injured by bikers who shot at her along with four other people as they protested against the Nicolás Maduro administration. The protest took place in Valencia, when things turned violent and they were ambushed.

The beauty queen becomes the fifth casualty as a result of the South American country's violence. "How long are we going to live like this? How long do we have to tolerate this pressure, with them killing us?'' said Carmona's unidentified relative.

The woman was photographed being rushed to the hospital in the powerful image below where she later died. She was remembered not only as a beauty queen, but she was also a tourism student in Venezuela and only had one semester left to graduate.

This is so tragic! Our hearts are heavy with the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Venezuela, who were just protesting for their rights and the improvement of their country. We take that for granted in this country, where any of us can peacefully protest and disagree with the government without fear that we will be killed. Innocent people such as Monica Spear and Genesis Carmona, as well as countless others we don't hear about, are dying all because of the violence. Carmona wanted what was best for her country, while Spear was just trying to embrace it.

Images via Miss Venezuela

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