Teens carve swastika on "bully's" forehead

shedIt's gotten to the point that I don't understand how teens nowadays can be so cruel. Three of four teens in Portland, Oregon have been arrested and charged as adults with kidnapping, assault, and robbery over a revenge plot gone wrong.

The suspects, 17-year-old Jess Taylor, 15-year-old Jenna Montgomery, 15-year-old Blue Kalmbach, and a 14-year-old facing juvenile charges, decided to get back at an unidentified 16-year-old classmate for insulting one of their friends on Facebook. This wasn't your average harmless prank, instead it was life-scarring and far from funny. 


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The teens who were arrested claim that they are the real victims of bullying and that the boy they attacked had called one of their friend's "gay" via Facebook. They decided to plot vengeance towards him in the most cruel and vile way.

The group kidnapped the victim and tortured him for hours in a shack before they let him free. They bashed his head in with a crowbar, forced him to take off his shirt and hand over his iPod, shot him in the hand, chest, and groin with a BB gun. Worst of all they held him down and carved a swastika sign onto his forehead with a box cutter and forced him to eat cat feces.

They only let him go when he promised them drugs and his skateboard. He is expected to survive, but doctors had to surgically remove a BB gun pellet. Although the victim isn't described as a golden child, his mother disputes that what they did is not right. "He's been really emotionally and mentally traumatized. It's something he's going to live with, especially if the scar of the swastika doesn't go away. Every time he looks in the mirror, he's going to have that memory," she said.  

Even police officers were shocked by the case and explained that these teens don't realize that what they did is considered a crime. "None of them expressed any remorse; really just shock at how much trouble they were in. They didn't understand that it would be that big a deal," police said.

Whenever I hear stories like this one, a little part of me dies. It shocks me that teenagers think that this is socially acceptable. These are the kids the government should be keeping an eye on because I wouldn't be surprise if they come from broken homes and require saving. Now the older teens are paying the consequences and hopefully they will learn their lesson. As for the victim, I hope he can recover fully, but the emotional scars that remain will never entirely heal.

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