Cruise worker brutally rapes woman & tries to throw her overboard

A cruise ship worker was arrested after he allegedly broke into a 31-year-old American female passenger's room this past weekend, raped her and then beat and strangled her before attempting to throw her overboard--all because she had reportedly insulted him earlier, the FBI has revealed.

After the ship returned to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, 28-year-old Ketut Pujayasa told investigators he was so angry at what the unidentified woman said, that he created the horrific plan for revenge.  


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It all started earlier that morning, when Pujayasa says the woman cursed at him after he knocked on her door several times during a breakfast delivery, saying, "Wait a minute, son of a bitch!" He told authorities the comment was "offensive to himself and his parents" and he was angry about it for the rest of the day.

After a few hours of fuming, he reportedly planned to punch the woman in the face, even waiting until he was off-duty to use a master key and sneak into the woman's room. How terrifying is that?! When the woman returned, he attacked her, allegedly beating her with a laptop and a curling iron. The woman fought back and that's when Pujayasa apparently tried to throw her off the balcony, according to authorities.

Thankfully, another passenger heard the victim's screams and began pounding on the door, spooking Pujayasa into running back to this room, where he was detained. The cruise liner docked in Honduras temporarily and the badly injured woman was flown to a hospital.

I've never been a fan of cruises, as the idea of being trapped on a boat is scary enough to me. But it seems that lately, they've been becoming more and more dangerous onboard too, especially if traveling alone. I am horrified that this man committed such a vicious attack all over one rude comment. He might've been insulted, but that by no means justifies his beyond heinous actions.

I'm just relieved that he was caught and that other passengers on board intervened before the already brutal attack turned even more tragic. I hope that the woman is able to get the help she needs to recover from this terrifying ordeal--and that Pujayasa gets the harsh sentencing he deserves.

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