Baby flies out of mom's arms after severe turbulence in every parent's worst nightmare

In an incident that sounds straight out of every mom's worst nightmare, an infant flew out of his parents' arms and across several rows after a United Airlines flight was rocked by heavy turbulence as it was preparing to make a landing yesterday afternoon.

The jet, coming out of Denver, was making its descent in Billings, Montana when it made a sudden drop, causing several passengers to hit their heads and one mom to lose hold of her baby, who had been sitting on her lap. AH, talk about terrifying! As if flying in itself isn't scary enough!


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Thankfully, the infant was unharmed, despite landing two full rows back. Five adult passengers, including three crew members and two passengers, were hospitalized in Montana, due to injuries they sustained during the rocky flight. One woman reportedly hit her head so hard on the ceiling that she actually cracked the overhead panel! Jeez ... that must have been some serious turbulence.

Making the whole thing even scarier? Witnesses say the pilots on board never addressed the sudden drop at all over the intercom! So not only were people flying out of their seats everywhere, but they had no warning beforehand and no explanation afterward. Even the flight attendants were reportedly taken by surprise. Those poor passengers! Just imagine how panicked they must have felt, particularly that mom.

According to NBC News, all but one flight attendant have since been released from the hospital. United Airlines has since released a statement, claiming, "Our flight safety team will review what happened."

I don't particularly enjoy flying, but I love to travel so I am generally able to accept that it's a necessary evil and suck it up and deal with it, without too much anxiety. Still, incidents like these make me second guess ever boarding a plane again! I know these things happen, but it's scary that all these people were injured and the pilot never even bothered to keep them informed about what was happening. Considering that a handful of adults had to be hospitalized, it's actually a downright miracle that the infant managed to escape without any injuries.

One thing's for sure: this incident proves that while adults are technically allowed to hold one child on their lap during the flight (and therefore, not pay full fare for a baby's seat), it might be worth it to just pay up ... or at least find some other way to ensure the child is more properly secured. Just in case!

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