Latino dad watches his wife & kids burn to death in horrific car accident

A California man watched his family burn to death in a horrific car accident on a Fresno County, California highway on Saturday. The man was traveling behind his wife and four children in a separate car, when a woman in a minivan ran a stop sign driving about 60 miles per hour, and crashed into his wife's SUV. The vehicle was thrown off the road into the lawn of a nearby home where it caught fire, with the family trapped inside. 


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The father, who was driving about a quarter mile behind the family vehicle, saw the flames, but by the time he made it to the vehicle it was too late. He suffered minor burns, as a result of his attempts to free his family from the vehicle.

It appears his 29-year-old wife, Esmeralda Saucedo, attempted to escape the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. The children who perished were 1-year-old Isaac; 3-year-old Nikko; 6-year-old Jada; and 11-year-old Breanna, 11. The driver of the vehicle, 41-year-old Juana Bejarano, was taken to the hospital to be treated for major injuries. 

Investigations are underway, though police have said that speeding, drugs and alcohol are not being considered factors of the crash.

This absolutely devastating incident should be a reminder to us all that no matter how much of a hurry we think we are in, it is never worth risking lives. I'd venture to say that most of us have considered blowing through a stop sign or a red light at times, but this fiery crash is proof that saving a couple of minutes is just not worth it. 

I cannot imagine the grief this father is experiencing and how he will manage to overcome it and move on with his life. I sincerely hope that his family and surrounding community are able to rally together to help him get through this.

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