Latina mom dies after getting an illegal "vampire facelift"

needleA massage therapist is being investigated for illegally performing "vampire facelifts" and other cosmetic procedures from her Los Angeles salon illegally. The 45-year-old woman, Sandra Perez Gonzalez, was arrested by police after one of her patients, 36-year-old mom Hamilet Suarez, died of a heart attack while receiving cosmetic injections.

Police are investigating the suspicious death that occured after Suarez walked in to the Areli's Barber Shop & Beauty Salon where Gonzalez runs her business. The mom leaves behind a 5-year-old son. How heartbreaking!


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During the investigation, authorities learned that Gonzalez offered butt and lip augmentations, as well as vampire facelifts in her salon. Vampire facelifts involve getting the patient's blood and reinjecting it back into their faces, sort of like Botox. The woman was not licensed to conduct these beauty procedures. Police found controlled substances and medical equipment that Gonzalez was not licensed or qualified to use or own. They were told that Suarez had gone for a massage before succumbing to her death. The victim's family refused to speak to the media.

sandra perez gonzalezGonzalez has not been charged yet but she is under suspicion of possessing a controlled substance. It is unclear what procedure Suarez was undergoing, but it seems like she was undergoing one of the illegal trendy procedures, like the "vampire facelift." Police suspect that she may have practiced her beauty procedures elsewhere, since she had been at the current location for only about a month; they urge former patients to reach out to their doctors. 

This is a reminder that if we choose to do one of these procedures, we MUST do our research. Some of the people who went to Gonzalez probably did it because she was charging less than other locations would. When it comes to matters of your health, that is not something you want to find a discount on. Other people have been left disfigured because they didn't go to reputable surgeons or therapists. By taking that risk you can end up like Suarez. That's one risk none of us should EVER be willing to take.

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