Woman miraculously found alive after 6 days trapped in woods!

A 52-year-old Oregon woman was found alive yesterday after being lost in the woods for nearly a week.

Police say Sharon Ruth Bates has been missing since Saturday. They found her in the crater of an old well, where she had reportedly remained trapped through last week's snowstorm, without any food. Authorities say they had almost lost hope at finding her alive. So how exactly did she manage to survive the nightmarish ordeal?


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Apparently, Bates had gone into the woods last Friday to enjoy some peace and quiet on her own. But she got stuck after she found herself unable to climb out due to slippery conditions. Authorities searched for her for the next several days and were finally led to the local wilderness area after a family member revealed the woman liked to pay visits there.

Though she had no food and had to face snow and extremely cold temperatures, Bates say she survived by using a plastic bag to collect water to drink. When authorities found her, she was weak but conscious and responsive.

Talk about scary! It's hard enough dealing with this constant barrage of snowstorms. Here in New York, the streets are so icy, most people have resorted to staying indoors as much as possible. So I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like being trapped in that weather, alone, in the woods! It's amazing that she was able to keep herself alive for days until help arrived. Her family must be so relieved and grateful that authorities were able to find her in time. I just hope that Bates learned from this ordeal and won't make any more solo ventures into the woods, at least until the weather clears up!

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