Barbie will appear on cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue & it's creepy

barbieThe Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is one of the most anticipated magazine covers by men everywhere. Celebrity models such as Kate Upton, Tyra Banks, and Brooklyn Decker have become household names after gracing the cover years before. This year for the 50th anniversary of the issue it looks like it's going to be Barbie's turn. Yeah, you read that right, Barbie--as in the DOLL. The normal issue will feature Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen grabbing their butts on the cover. But the 1,000 specal issues featuring the doll are a little creepy... to say the least.


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It looks like Mattel, the manufacturers of Barbie and Sports Illustrated are joining together for a campaign to prove to the world that they are proud of who they are. If you didn't know, both are controversial in their own way because of the way they depict women.

The theme of the campaign is called #unapologetic and is intended to celebrate Barbie's accomplishments without being ashamed. When the issue is printed, it will have a four-page advertising spread promoting the doll and 1,000 issues that contain the special cover wrap that reads "The doll who started it all." Target will even be selling a limited edition Sports Illustrated Barbie and there will be a beach-themed party to promote it.

So what will Barbie be wearing on the cover of the racy issue? She will be sporting her classic 1959 black and white bathing suit when she was first presented to little girls everywhere. This has parents everywhere upset because Barbie has been slammed as a bad body image role model for young women everywhere. However Mattel thinks that this strategy will get people to view Barbie in a different light.

If you ask me, I don't think Barbie makes me insecure about my body because it's a DOLL. My biggest issue is that a magazine issue known to have attractive women posing and dressing sensually is having Barbie as their star this year. That is a bit creepy, especially since it's intended for men ... and you can imagine the gross possibilities with that image in mind. This is simply a way for Barbie to try and clean their reputation up, but I doubt pairing up with one of the most controversial magazines of all time will do the trick.

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