Teen murders girl to "sell his soul to the devil"

Two teenage boys from Houston, Texas have been charged with brutally murdering and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in what police believe was an occult ritual killing. According to prosecutors, 17-year-old Jose E. Reyes along with his 16-year-old friend killed Corriann Cervantes so that the younger teen could "sell his soul to the devil." This has to be the most sickening thing I've heard all week. Ugh!


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Cervantes' body was discovered in a vacant apartment on Saturday, "partially clothed," with head trauma and with evidence showing she was also sexually assaulted. The boys even carved an upside-down cross into the teen's stomach.  A neighbor found her after noticing the door to the apartment was open. Apparently Reyes' family also contacted police after he confessed to them what happened.

"They did the right thing," Harris County Prosecutor, John Jordan said. "Clearly they were offended by his conduct." We still don't know why the boys chose Cervantes but apparently Reyes had already made his deal with the devil, and told his younger friend that in order to sell his soul too they would need to murder someone.

These evil teens didn't just kill this poor girl, they tortured her to death. Cervantes was sexually assaulted, stabbed, and beaten with an ashtray and a toilet lid several times. Her body was found with puncture wounds to the face which police suspect came from a screwdriver. I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about it. What the heck is wrong with kids these days?

And apparently Cervantes had no idea why these disgusting teens were beating her. Jordan revealed in court that she screamed, "Why are you doing this to me?" during the sickening incident.

"What happened in that vacant apartment was sadistic," he added. "What will eventually happen … will be justice." No decisions have been made about whether or not Reyes will be tried as an adult, but he is being held without bail at the Harris County jail and the 16-year-old has been placed at a juvenile detention facility.

I hope for this girl's family's sake, that Reyes is trialed as an adult and spends the rest of his life rotting behind bars. What he did was evil and him and his friend deserve to pay the price!

Image via Houston Police Department

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