Baby with 2 faces & 2 brains about to be born to brave couple

couple having baby with two brainsRenee Young of Australia has been pregnant seven times before. She is currently about 19 weeks pregnant. You would think that this being her eighth pregnancy, she and her husband Simon Howie would be pros at the whole pregnancy, birthing, parenting thing, but nothing could have prepared this couple for what they are currently going through. They thought they were having twins when all of a sudden the couple was advised to terminate the pregnancy  "because it [the child] would be looked upon as a freak." What is going on here?

A routine ultrasound at around 15 weeks showed that Renee was not carrying your average set of twins. In fact, she is only going to have one child, but again, this is not your average child.


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baby with two faces and two brainsUltrasounds show that Renee is pregnant with one child who has one body that is connected to a head with two faces and two brains. This extremely rare facial and brain duplication is known as craniofacial hyperhidrosis or diprosopus.

When doctors told the couple what was going on with their child, it was too far along in the pregnancy to have an abortion. The couple was advised to terminate, but think about it. That would mean that Renee would have to give birth no matter what. Ugh, it's an awful choice to be faced with and aborting or terminating is not a choice that this particular couple is willing to make. They are determined to see this pregnancy through.

There is a chance that this child will not survive birth and if the child does survive it is unclear what its chances for life would be thereafter. The couple and their family will cherish whatever time they have with their child. Renee says, "If I only get two days with the baby, I only get two days with the baby. At least I have some time with it."

I wish the family much luck.

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