Teen murders mom with dumbbell, then acts as if he was a victim

brad georgeA 16-year-old Washington boy has been arrested in the gruesome murder of his 37-year-old mother. Brad George was charged with first-degree murder for bludgeoning his adopted mother, Georgina Latshaw, to death with a dumbbell in their home. 

Besides the horrific murder, George was labeled a suspect by police after he claimed he found her dead when she came home from school, but his story sounded sketchy. The teen even appeared on local a TV station making tearful pleas about finding his mother's killer and depicting how upset he was.


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George was known to suffer from mental illness, stemming from post-traumatic stress disorder, and had a violent past. Family members said there was an instance where he threatened Latshaw, his guardian of over a decade, with a knife after suffering hallucinations. He even acted up at his school, Overlake Specialty School for troubled kids. 

Now George is being accused of the most gruesome crime of all. He reportedly broke into his mother's room as she slept and beat her head in with a dumbbell multiple times before cleaning it off and heading to school. When he got home he called police and told them that his home had been burglarized and his mother killed. Even though the teen acted innocent, during the investigation police found a matching dumbbell in his room and blood stained men's clothing in the garage with no signs of forced entry.

The teen eventually confessed to the crime and is being tried as an adult due to the fact that it was premeditated. He told police that he had been off his medication since the beginning of February and that was convinced that Latshaw was trying to poison him with bleach. This led him to want to protect himself and plan out her murder.

This story is unbelievable. I feel bad that this boy suffers from mental illness, but he knew what he was doing was wrong at the end of the day. It's awful to know that this poor woman died in such a violent way when all she did was care for her son despite his health problems for all those years. The fact that it was open knowledge that the boy was violent  makes me think that the government should have done a better job of protecting Latshaw. My thoughts and prayers are with her family as they go through this difficult and dark time.

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