Brothers kill & eat their own mom in crazy ritual

Three brothers between the ages of 18 and 35 have been arrested for a gruesome crime that sounds as if it came straight out of a horror movie. Dante, Paroy and Ibrahim Amil are accused of killing their mother and then using machetes to butcher her all because they thought she was possessed. The siblings deny killing her, but have said they were trying to rid her of evil spirits and you won't believe what that ritual involved. 


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According to police, not satisfied with hacking their mother to death, the brothers also ate some of her organs and drained her body of its blood. Yes, you read right, they ATE their own mother! Just thinking about it makes me shiver in terror.

Neighbors have said they heard horrific screams mixed with laughter coming from the Amil household in the Philipines for several days before the woman's body was finally discovered. They figured something terrible was going on, but they were too afraid to call police. I hate to think that if they had acted earlier, maybe this poor woman's life would've been spared. 

At this point, all the brothers have said is that their mom had been sick for a while and nobody was able to do anything for her. Since they believed she was possessed, they have admitted to burning parts of her body with a heated spoon to cleanse her of evil spirits. But they must not be too bright to think that it wouldn't be absolutely obvious that they were responsible for the gruesome murder. Otherwise, what other explanation is there for what happened to their mother?

Police are investigating whether it's true that the family had a history of mental disorders, which I'm guessing would explain a lot... How scary! 

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