Man kidnapped by mom shows up on dad's doorstep 18 years later

A 23-year-old man who was abducted by his mother as a child returned to his Indianapolis home last week, almost two decades after he first went missing.

Nathan Slinkard was only 5 years old when his mom failed to obey a court order and return him to his father, who had just filed for full custody. Now, 18 years later, authorities from the local sheriff's department and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children confirm that he has reappeared and is back home in the States with his dad. But the question remains, where exactly has he been all these years?


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According to police, Slinkard and his two siblings, Andrew and Sydney, all went missing in October 1995 and were taken out of the U.S. Though it's unclear exactly when they left the country or how they got separated, Slinkard reportedly arrived back in Indianapolis last Tuesday, just a week after identifying himself with a birth certificate and a Social Security card at the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico.

At the time, Slinkard asked to come home to the States and the consulate gave him a temporary passport, with additional help from investigators who worked on his case over the years. His father, Steve Slinkard, and his aunt were waiting for him upon his arrival.

As for his siblings, investigators say Slinkard hasn't divulged their locations but has confirmed that they are safe and are aware that they can return to the States if they want to.

Wow...can you imagine what getting that phone call must have been like for this dad? I can't even begin to think of all the emotions he must have felt, hearing that his son was not only safe after all of this time, but actually wanted to return home. Crazy!

Obviously, we don't know all of the details here, including if the mother actually did care for them all these years or what kind of childhood Slinkard had after he was taken out of the country. Regardless, it's amazing that he was able to eventually make his way back home and that both father and son have been given this second chance at getting to know each other once again. And while I'm sure it'll clearly take some adapting on both of their parts, I hope that they can take this time to reconnect as a family.

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