Horrible woman tases kids in cruel punishment she calls "the electric chair"

A Florida woman was recently arrested after she allegedly repeatedly shocked three children with stun guns as some sort of bizarre punishment. What?! OK, there's discipline and then there's taking things way too far and I think we can ALL agree this falls into the latter category.  

Letina Smith had her cousin's kids, ages, 7, 8 and 9 under her care until recently, when one of the children begged her teacher not to call her home and say she misbehaved in class. When the teacher asked why, the little girl explained that 41-year-old Smith would shock them with tasers as part of an hour-long punishment she called the "electric chair." Can you believe that?! And believe it or not, it only gets worse from there.


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The child told school officials that Smith also made them do wall-sits, holding themselves up with their back against the wall and their legs forming a chair-like position. They had to stay there for an hour without speaking or moving and if they failed, Smith would allegedly come up and touch them with the stun gun. Ugh, that honestly makes me sick. As anyone who has ever attended a fitness class would know, wall-sits are a challenging exercise, since it puts so much strain on the legs. Most adults find it really difficult to  hold the position for a full minute, let alone an hour. Those poor kids!

The school called the police, who then interviewed the other kids, all of whom corroborated the story. They later found the pink stun gun at the home. Meanwhile, Smith maintains that she has threatened the children with the stun gun before, but has never actually touched them with it. She has since been charged with three counts of child abuse.

I just don't understand how people come up with these horrible ideas. And even more pressingly, how can they possibly justify their actions by trying to pass them off as acceptable punishments? My heart breaks for those kids. Who knows how many times they had to go through this before they finally spoke up?! Clearly, it was enough that they were terrified of ever getting in trouble.

It's unclear why Smith was caring for her cousin's kids temporarily or their actual guardian, but all I know is that if those were my children, I would be horrified. I'm just glad that she was finally caught and can no longer inflict such pain on those kids.

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