Woman wanted husband dead & you won't believe crappy way she tried to kill him

IV bagA 65-year-old registered nurse from Arizona used her powers for bad after she tried killing her husband by injecting his IV line with some questionable material. Rosemary Vogel was charged with first-degree attempted murder last Thursday after she was spotted tampering with the man's IV line. What Vogel was injecting into her husband's IV is something that will DISGUST you.

Are you ready for the shocking twist in this story? Read on to find out...


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Vogel was injecting three syringes filled with FECES into her husband's IV. Can you believe that?! POO! The nurse is said to have worked at Chandler Regional Medical Center and had experience with handling IV lines. Unfortunately she chose to disgustingly taint her husband's while he was recovering from heart surgery.

Doctors say he is expected to survive, after they ran tests on the foreign material in the IV and confirmed that it was fecal matter. The man can thank nurses who spotted his wife tampering with his line and were alerted when its alarm went off. Vogel tried to play off her wrongdoing and told them that the IV line needed to be cleaned. That's when they noticed that the material floating around in the IV!

She even had the nerve to try and discard the empty syringes she'd kept in her purse but hospital personnel caught her in the act. It is unclear what Vogel's motive was but one thing for sure is that she is facing serious criminal charges. Talk about a sick person!

In order for someone to do something like that you have to have great hatred towards another person. It's also scary how she knew she was doing to begin with since she was a nurse and that she took it to that extent. No matter what her reasoning may have been, this is a bizarre way to try and kill your husband and think that you could get away with it.

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