Beautiful Coca Cola Super Bowl ad makes racists mad

There's been a whole lot of controversy surrounding Coca-Cola's big Super Bowl ad this year and honestly, it's all just ignorance. The much-talked-about commercial presented the song, "America the Beautiful" in seven different languages. I personally thought it was a great (and accurate) representation of our multilingual and multicultural America. But some fools out there apparently found it "anti-American." They even started an outrage on Twitter calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola products using the hashtag, #speakamerican, because clearly they're close-minded AND stupid!


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The new Coca-Cola ad that featured an America filled with people of various origins, religions, and backgrounds wasn't just beautiful, it was in my opinion very patriotic. It's insane to me that anyone would find it offensive. But a ton of (ignorant) Americans out there apparently feel that the only language that should be used in this country is English, especially for the song, "America the Beautiful." Ugh! You have to read some of the ridiculous tweets they posted threatening to boycott Coke.




And that's nothing compared to a few that used the hashtag #f---coke." Twitter user, @allison_cruts31 had the nerve to post, "It's God bless America not Mexico so sing in English." Wow!

Based on all these tweets, it's obvious these folks were REALLY angry about this multilingual commercial and it speaks volumes about how intolerant a lot of people still are to diversity. It's all so sad. In their tiny little brains, because Coca-Cola is an American brand it was unpatriotic of them to create a commercial that features people of other cultures. How ridiculous is that?

First of all, who said English was even this country's official language? Close to 60 million Americans speak another language other than English at home. In fact, so many of us speak Spanish that we even had our first-ever Spanish-language Super Bowl broadcast. Take that you closed-minded haters!

Honestly, all this fuss about the "America the Beautiful" ad just shows how dumb some people really are. Because last I checked (unless you can claim Native American ancestry) we're all foreigners in this country--not just the ones that can speak a second language!

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