Disgusting dad uses his own baby boy as a human shield in shooting

A 43-year-old man from Compton, California is currently at a hospital and in critical condition after police deputies shot for not only shooting a man in the face, but also for using his own 1-year-old baby as a human shield. Can you freaking believe this guy? What an A-hole!


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Apparently this dude had an issue with the fact that his baby mom's was now seeing another guy. "He originally showed up at his ex-girlfriend's house; her new boyfriend was at the house," Los Angeles Country sherriff Lt. John Corina told reporters. "He shot the new boyfriend in the face while the new boyfriend was sitting in his car."

Luckily, the innocent guy managed to survive, but the jerk didn't stop there. He grabbed his 1-year-old son and drove away with him in the car. At this point, cops were chasing him, but he refused to pull over. Instead, he drove back to his ex-girlfriend's house and got out of the car holding the baby in one hand and his gun in the other. What kind of animal would use their own child as a human shield? Ugh!

Of course, the cops didn't shoot at him, fearing they'd harm the child. Then he tried getting into his ex-girlfriend's house through a side door, but it was locked. He started firing at the cops who still wouldn't fire back. Then he made his way to the front door, but it was also locked. He fired at cops again, but they refused to return fire. Finally, his ex-girlfriend came out the front door, grabbed the baby, and ran back inside the house. This time, the cops definitely fired back.

He's now in the hospital and in critical condition, though they believe he will likely survive. Luckily, no cops were injured during the shooting and the baby is safe and sound. But I still can't believe this man was willing to put his own child at harm to save his own butt. Who does that? I hope he spends a very, VERY long time behind bars.

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