Breaking news: Deadly shooting at Maryland Mall (VIDEO)

Police are currently investigating a shooting that took place this morning at a shopping mall in Columbia, Maryland. According to the Howard County Police Department, three people have already been declared dead. We still don't who this shooter is or if anyone else has been harmed, but some sources believe that one of the three dead, actually includes the killer. This is so scary!


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Gunfire went off this morning in a Columbia Maryland shopping mall, that has left at least three people dead. Authorities have confirmed that one of the dead bodies is the suspected shooter. According to reports the shooter was firing from the second floor of the mall. Police and rescuers immediately responded to the tragic incident, but so far there's no further information regarding the shooter's identity. Two others were sent to a local hospital for minor injuries but their identities also have yet to be revealed.

We still don't know what motivated the shooter to commit this horrific crime, all we know is that a ton of people were scared out of their minds by this whole ordeal, and could you blame them?

There are even images on Twitter showing some of the mall employees and even customers hiding in a stock room.

"People were panicking," said a man who claims to have been in contact with his daughter who has been hiding in a Bank of America inside of the mall. The only statement received from the mall so far is that it has been closed.

This is a truly tragic situation. My heart and prayers go out to the family's of the three victims. Let's just hope that the shooter is caught and no one else has been harmed.

Check again soon for more update and information on the story.

Image via CNN

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