Sick son kills mom with ax & then smiles for the cameras

A highly disturbed 24-year-old man from Long Island, New York killed his poor mother using an ax on Friday. Not only did he kill her, but apparently called his grandmother almost immediately after to confess to the crime. To make matters worse, the murderer, Sean Farrel was seen smiling at cameras after being taken into custody. How sick is that?



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Sean's mother, Bobbie Farrel worked as a nurse who helped care for sick children. What motivated him to kill her, we still don't know. In fact, when he was asked about his charges at the police station his only response was: "It's a long story. I'm going to save it for the judge." The guy seemed to have no sort of remorse for what he did, which would explain why he was caught grinning at cameras after cops arrested him. Ugh!

"Sean told me he was scared and confused," his grandmother Letitia Dunn told police. "He told me he killed his mom, my daughter, and that he was selfish and should have killed himself."

Farrel's stepdad and Bonnie's husband, Eric Connolly is the one who found her body. She was lying on the floor of their bedroom covered in blood.

According to Farrel's family, the young man suffered from schizophrenia. He was on medication for it, but stopped taking them weeks ago. Apparently his mother was really worried about him and even planned on taking him to the hospital the following day. Kind of makes you wonder if the dispute between Farrel and his mother had anything to do with the fact that he was off his meds.

"We lost our daughter and our grandson. We love them both. We're devastated," his grandfather, Gene Dunn told The Post. "Nobody saw this coming. We're all blaming ourselves."

It's clear that this guy had psychological problems. Not only did he kill his own mother using an ax, but admitted himself to Bellevue hospital right after the murder. He's apparently considered killing himself since and has been placed on suicide watch.

This is such a tragic story. I'm by no means excusing Farrel for killing his mother. What he did was sick and unforgiveable. But it goes to show that this was a person with a serious mental disorder that could not function without medication. It's like his grandfather said, this was definitely a "double tragedy."

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