Car service refuses to help mom free baby locked in car

Nothing is worse than accidentally locking your keys in your car...except the even worse, panicked feeling that comes along when it happens while your child is in there too. That's exactly what happened to London mom Nicola Miller recently.

After accidentally locking herself out of a car that contained her keys, her purse, and her 1-year-old daughter, Violet, she flagged down a passing van for help. The driver called AA (which is basically the U.K. equivalent to Triple A), but the car service refused to open the door....and you'll never believe why!


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Apparently, the operator refused to unlock the vehicle without having Miller pay a membership fee first. The mom tried to explain that her purse was in the car and that she'd pay it if they only opened the door, but the AA operator still wouldn't budge. Can you believe that? Meanwhile, little Violet, who burst into tears the moment she realized what happened, is stuck in there and only getting more and more hysterical.

"At this point, they said they couldn't help me," Millar told the Daily Mail, "I was disgusted by their response, but it's not as if I was going to knock them, I was desperate."

After arguing with the service for close to 45 minutes, the driver of the van finally took action and broke a window to retrieve the keys and free the child. AA has since apologized to Millar, claiming that the person who took her call was new and didn't follow the right protocol. They also offered her a year of free service. Oh right, now they're actually being helpful!

I can't believe that someone would downright refuse to help this poor mother free her child, even after she explained that all of her belongings were in the car. Talk about riorities, people! It's not like she was being unreasonable or trying to get out of paying the fee. I was in her shoes, I'd definitely have given those people a piece of my mind. Still, I'm just glad that one good Samaritan was around to aid her and do what needed to be done to unlock the car.

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