Man commits suicide to save his older brother's life

poisonI want to tell you the sad, heartbreaking, and touching story of two brothers from China. They are 20-year-old Honghui and 18-year-old Hongtao. In June of 2010, they were both diagnosed with kidney failure. How does that happen to both brothers? Their parents who up until then had been doing quite well, went into financial ruin over the medical costs. Worse than that, the only solution or chance of survival for either of the boys was for each of them to get a kidney transplant. Their father was not a match and due to illness, their mother could not donate a kidney either. So they languished while their parents sold almost everything they had and even took to begging in the streets for money. Then the youngest brother, Hongtao, took matters into his own hands in order to save his older brother and spare his parents anymore difficulties. You will not believe what this young man did out of love.


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On July of 2012, Hungtoa locked himself in his room, drank pesticide, and died in agony. He left a note behind that brings tears to my eyes. The note reads, "Having both of us is ruining you, I hope now that you will be able to concentrate on my brother and save his life. When he survives as I know he will, I simply want him to say to me I made it, and I will be content." This young man's story made headlines and donations poured in.

On December 17, Honghui, who is now 23, received a transplant. And he has fully recovered just like his brother knew he would.

I may be more of a sap than most, but this story of brotherly and familial love has got me sobbing.

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