Man forced to pay child support even though he's just sperm donor & you won't believe why

william marottaWhen men accept the role of sperm donor, it's understood that they are helping another couple try to have a baby. This means that once the child is conceived and born, they no longer take responsibility, but William Marotta found himself stuck in an uncomfortable predicament. The Kansas man donated sperm to lesbian couple Jennifer Schreiner and Angela Bauer in 2009 and is now being told by a judge that he has to pay child support despite waiving parental rights years ago.

So, how did Marotta get himself in this mess in the first place?


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What at first sounded like an innocent story quickly turns sketchy because Marotta did not involve a physician in the artifical insemination process. Instead it was done after he responded to a Craigslist ad posted by a lesbian couple seeking donated sperm. When he donated his sperm to the women, he did it for free and then left it at that.

The women successfully had a baby girl, but they split five years later and much to Marotta's dismay that's when problems began. Shreiner, the biological mother, ended up having to stop working due to an illness and needed the government's help. That's when Marotta was contacted for child support and he refused explaining the situation to the official, but it did not go over well.

The state decided to sue him for not paying child support and explained that because a physican wasn't involved, he is responsible for financial assistance. Marotta defended himself and claims he didn't know a doctor wasn't involved in the insemination procedure after he donated his sperm.

Wow, talk about a chaotic mess! I can understand that Marotta was trying to do something good for these women, but there were legal consequences he should have considered first. These women should have also taken responsibility and done their research when requesting sperm through Craigslist. I hope Marotta gets set free from this uncomfortable predicament because this can end up affecting his life forever.

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