Latina mom arrested for murder of clubgoer Kim Pham & the motive is RIDICULOUS

Vanesa Tapia ZavalaSomething happened outside of Santa Ana, California nightclub The Crosby Club, in the early morning hours of Saturday that resulted in the death of a young woman. The deceased is 23-year-old Kim Pham. Stories about what happened are not consistent across the board, but cellphone video surfaced that shows what appears to be two men and three women brutally beating Kim Pham. When the culprits were done, they took off, and by the time that police arrived, Pham was brain dead. Now a 25-year-old Latina mother by the name of  Vanesa Tapia Zavala has been charged with the murder. What the hell happened?


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Like I said, there are differing accounts of what actually went down, but one of the first explanations to come out was that Pham accidentally walked into a photo that Zavala and her friends were taking. This escalated into an argument that resulted in Zavala, two unidentified women, and two unidentified men savagely beating and kicking Pham and then fleeing the scene.

Pham was taken to the hospital and kept on life support until Tuesday so that her organs could be donated. She was 23 years old, you guys and just out with friends! How the heck does that lead to getting beaten so badly that you lose your life?

Vanesa Tapia Zavala has been arraigned on one felony count of murder. Her lawyer says she didn't do it. Hmmm, we'll see. Supposedly she was identified via cellphone footage taken during the attack.

Police are still looking for the four other suspects involved in the murder. I really hope they find them. Seriously, it's not enough that one woman loses her temper and starts fighting, four other fools have to jump in and I'm not trying to be sexist here, but two of the attackers were men. Two grown ass men attacking a woman and kicking her while she is down on the ground over nonsense? Because I don't know why the fight started, but I am sure it was about something stupid.

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