SEE: Smiling selfies of deranged female serial killer moments before stabbing victims

knife used by Joanna DennehyJoanna Dennehy is a 31-year-old admitted serial killer. In November of last year, she pleaded guilty to the murders of three men who were stabbed in the chest and dumped in a ditch in Cambridgeshire, England. She is currently in jail awaiting sentencing for those three murders and two other attempted murders. Her fourth and fifth victims, ones that survived, were targeted by her just because they were out walking a dog. During the trial of two of her alleged accomplices, Gary Stretch and Leslie Layton, selfies of Dennehy taken just moments before she randomly picked the men who survived her attack were shown and the chilling pictures will blow your mind.


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Joanna Dennehy selfieHere she is with what looks like a rather joyous and energized expression on her face, showing off her tongue piercing, looking like she has not a care in the world. Certainly not like she is about to try to stab two men to death for no reason other than sport. She truly seems to have found fun in terrifying and stabbing people. There is no sense in it at all and she is said to have bragged to a friend that she had killed eight people. She remarked to an accomplice after a killing spree, "Oops, I did it again!"

Joanna Dennehy selfie before stabbing victimsHere is another photo of Dennehy that was released in court. She holds a horrifying looking knife and again seems to be showing off that tongue piercing of hers.

What really gets to me as a parent is that Dennehy is obviously a monster, but she also happens to be a mother of two children. Can you imagine?! I don't really know anything about her kids, but I can't imagine that having this person as your mother could possibly be an easy thing to deal with.

Images via Cambridgeshire Police

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