Teen turns to gay porn to support family with his mom's blessing

An 18-year-old senior from Cocoa High School in Florida claims he was suspended after the school learned of his role in a gay pornography film. Robert Marucci apparently joined the industry in order to help his mom with the bills. He believes he was treated unfairly and discriminated for his personal life outside of campus. Seriously, was this enough reason to suspend the poor kid!


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Robert claims he only does porn to help his mom, who is actually very supportive. "I think he's the most awesome person in the world. He stood up and he was the man of the house when I couldn't be," she told CNN almost in tears. "I don't think this is anyone's business except for my son's."

Everything started after Robert's fellow students found out about his X-rated gig online. Then came the bullying. Shortly after, Robert was suspended. But the school claimed that they didn't suspend him because of his pornographic roles, but because he supposedly made some threats. Meanwhile, Robert's mom states that the principal of the school specifically told her he was being expelled because of his "explicit lifestyle." Sounds fishy to me! A group of students even created a Facebook group supporting him, and organized a walkout protest.

The school obviously realized they were in the wrong, and that's why they allowed him to return to school Wednesday. The principal claimed that she wasn't aware of any of the bullying Robert experienced and even told CNN that the school district wouldn't expel a student for any legal career they pursued outside of school campus. 

In my opinion, school officials crossed the line here. Back in the day, kids only got expelled for bad conduct on campus. What they did outside of the school's premises was no one but the parent's concern. But now with all the online and after-school bullying that's been going on things have changed. With that sad, I'm not saying this teen's X-rated career is ideal, but it's also none of the school's business. If his mom is cool with it, who are they to reprimand him about it? Glad he was able to return!

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