Chilean teen sells her newborn on Facebook, but that's not the worst part

A young woman from Chile has been arrested for selling her newborn baby for 60 thousand pesos, the equivalent of about $113. Eighteen-year-old Veronica Carrera Chaparro discovered she was pregnant in February 2013 and attempted to hide the pregnancy from her family. However, her 17-year-old boyfriend and father of the baby, ended up telling the family. When Veronica's mother and sister found out, they told her she either had to give the baby up for adoption, have an abortion or sell it. Together, the three women decided on the latter. The family used Facebook to offer the baby for sale. 


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Initially, a couple in the town of Concepcion was expected to purchase the newborn, but were not able to negotiate a deal. Shortly thereafter, another family from Santiago did come to an agreement with the teen mom, and the day after the baby's November 4 birth, they allegedly made a payment to authorities for the baby's formal registration. The fees came to $1,870 in addition to which they paid the $113 to the birth mother.

While Veronica, her mother and her sister have all been arrested and appeared before a court in Santiago earlier this month and the buyers are set to appear in court as well, it is unclear what the outcome of this case will be. Although it is clearly an offense that is looked down upon, putting a newborn up for offer on the Internet--whether for money or not--is actually not illegal in Chile. Perhaps the country's laws have yet to catch up with modern technology.

Unfortunately, this absurd and saddening case is not a one off. With infertility on the rise and the costs of legal adoption, surrogacy, etc. being prohibitive for most families, a black market for babies does exist. It's horrible to think about it, but the truth is it does, and more needs to be done to end this horrible practice. It's crazy to think about the pittance the mom asked for her baby, when to some a new baby is a priceless treasure. I hope that justice is done in this case and this girl and her family get what they deserve for this crime, because it IS a crime.

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