2 Kids left orphaned when dad dies just 2 MONTHS after mom

A 3-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister have been left orphaned after losing their father only two months after losing their mother. Stephen Furbush passed away in his sleep Sunday, while his wife, Kristen, died in November after a six-month battle with an aggressive brain tumor. The story is so heartbreaking that it makes all my problems seem totally insignificant. 


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I've no idea how you go about explaining so much tragedy to such small children--especially when, according to relatives, they seemed to be getting back to some kind of normalcy after their mother's untimely death.

Although I'm sure 3-year-old Patrick doesn't really understand death, there's no denying he must be aware that his mommy and daddy are no longer around. But, for 6-year-old Kayley, it's another story altogether. That's why one of her uncles has said that she immediately broke down when she found out her 39-year-old dad had died from an apparent heart attack.

The only ray of hope in this incredibly sad story is that the children are surrounded by loving family members--including their maternal grandparents who've been staying with them since Sunday--who have vowed to take good care of them, just like their parents would've wanted. In addition, a fund Stephen set up after his wife's death to help raise money for his kids' college education, is now up to nearly $120,000 and, hopefully, will only keep growing. 

While I know I'll never get an answer, I can't help but wonder WHY can so much tragedy befall upon two innocent little kids who barely had a chance to get to know their parents? 

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