WATCH: Home Depot employee saves baby from certain death!

infant in car seatIf you haven't heard about the 19-year-old Home Depot employee that is being hailed a hero, let me pretty please have the pleasure of introducing him to you. His name is Christopher Strickland and he works at the Anchorage store. What he did is pretty amazing and proves that he has phenomenal reflexes. You are not going to believe how easily he saves a falling baby like it is no big thing when in reality very few people would have acted so quickly and effectively. I also think it is important to talk about what the mother (I'm assuming) of this baby did, so that none of us EVER put a baby in this kind of danger.


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So Christopher was standing around being friendly and waiting to be useful to any given customer at the store when a baby who was in a baby carrier that was balanced on top of a shopping cart fell off the cart. First of all, you should not balance your baby carrier on a shopping cart that is not designed to safely hold a baby carrier, it's just not a good idea. But what made this situation even worse is that the baby wasn't even strapped into its baby carrier. The carrier fell off of the cart and the baby fell out of the carrier. Somehow in a swift move Christopher Strickland caught both.

Thank heavens Strickland was there to save that baby, but mamás please, pretty please, stop balancing your baby carriers on shopping carts. It's not safe. The infant car seats are safe when they are secured.

Now, watch the very short video and be amazed by this quick-thinking young man. FYI, he will be receiving the Home Depot Angel Award, which is given to those who perform exceptional acts of heroism.

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