Aniston Walker: 7-week-old baby missing for days & mom is the prime suspect

It's the kind of story that haunts you simply because it's so terrible: A 7-week-old baby in Memphis, Tennessee has been missing since last Thursday and police have reason to believe her mother could be responsible.

Little Aniston Walker was last seen on Thursday morning, wearing a brown onesie with football emblems on it. Her mother, 33-year-old Andrea Walker, told cops she had left Aniston with her 3-year-old son at around 11:40 a.m. while taking her 5-year-old child to school. When she came back, the little girl was nowhere to be found. Of course, that begs one obvious question: who in the world leaves their not even 2-month-old infant under the care of a toddler?!


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And it gets even worse from there. According to authorities, after Walker came home to find Aniston missing, she went out looking for her ... leaving the 3-year-old home alone again. What is WRONG with this lady?! Perhaps craziest of all, Walker didn't even report her little girl missing. Aniston's father, who doesn't live at the same residence, was the one to get authorities involved in the search.

Over the weekend, the Memphis Police Department conducted an exhaustive 3-day hunt for the baby, knocking on neighbor's doors and using cadaver dogs near the home where the baby lived with her mother and two siblings. Sadly, there were no results…and now there might not ever be.  

Left with little information and nowhere else to look, police have officially suspended the search for Aniston. This news saddens me to no end. I know that it's practically impossible for cops to continue their investigation with zero leads, but I still can't help thinking this investigation deserves more time, especially when they strongly suspect the parent is responsible.

Still, Walker isn't completely off the hook. The mom, who reports say has been uncooperative with the investigation into her daughter's whereabouts, was arrested on charges of aggravated abuse and neglect and is due in court today.

My heart honestly breaks thinking of this poor, innocent baby and her equally defenseless siblings, all whom have obviously been treated so carelessly by this terrible excuse for a mother.  There is no way anyone could leave two kids this young in age together alone and expect nothing awful to happen. I mean, the horrible potential scenarios are endless. But sadly, that didn't stop her from allowing it to happen and now, a child is missing. I only hope she gets the sentencing she deserves for her reckless actions.   

Image via Memphis Police Department

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