13-year-old girl forced to perform nude at Miami strip club

A young runaway girl was allegedly forced to perform NUDE at a Miami strip club. Authorities were alerted of what was going down at the venue and Club Madonna has been forced to, at least temporarily, close its doors.

What strikes me most about this story is that this 13-year-old was actually performing at the club for almost three weeks before anything was done. I mean, even the drunkest dude at a strip club is going to notice that there is a 13-year-old girl on stage. Come on! How did she perform for that long without ANYONE saying a word? Who made her do it? More importantly, where were her parents?!



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Apparently, the 13-year-old, referred to as D.J. in the Miami Beach Police reports, was "taken in" by Vilbert Jean, 36, Marlene San Vincente, 22, and DeWayne Ward, 18 after she ran away from home. Cops said that not only did they bring the girl to the club to perform, but they also pimped her out. They held her as a prisoner for over a month and gave her marijuana and alcohol while selling her for sex.

She allegedly had sex with Ward at least 6 times, and also sold herself to a few other men before she refused to do it anymore. It was then that the sickos decided to have her perform at the strip club. They bought her "exotic" clothes and dolled her up with makeup and manicures before taking her to perform under the stage name "Peaches". She worked for three weeks before cops were alerted and one particularly lucrative night she made $500. All of the money she made went straight to her captors, of course. San Vincente—who worked at Club Madonna for two years—took charge of "training" the young girl and taught her the tricks of the trade. 

The saddest part of this is that is just one story of the thousands of girls who are human trafficked, especially in Florida, a state considered a magnet for human trafficking. Club Madonna is shut down indefinitely and the three perpetrators in this particular case have been captured, but there are still so many sickos out there silently trafficking helpless girls who are not as lucky as D.J and never escape...


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