Healthy & young mom of 3 dies just days after catching common flu

alice jonesThe flu is spreading like wildfire right now during its peak season, so it isn't uncommon to know someone who has it. Unfortunately for Texas mom Alice Jones, the flu hit her so hard that it ultimately ended up killing her days later. The 29-year-old mother of three and her husband Darrell caught the flu last Thursday and thought they had to let it run its course.

The couple didn't get the flu shot this year which made them more susceptible to it and the result was just tragic.


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Darrell who is in the U.S. army served time in Afghanistan didn't think that the worst fatality he would experience would happen back home. He and Alice's three children, ages 10, 7, and 3, are so incredibly devastated by their loss that they left home and are living with relatives.

When the family visited a local hospital to get tested for the flu and to get vaccinated, they learned that one of the children already had the illness. Upon experiencing flu-like symptoms, the mother was also tested positive for it  and died a few days later on her husband's birthday. What makes this story shocking is that Alice was perfectly healthy overall, but somehow the flu was strong enough to kill her.

Darrell urges everyone to get their flu shots after it claimed his wife's life, and the CDC says six other children this season so far. Doctors especially urge younger people to get the flu shot  even though many believe they are healthy enough and less susceptible to it.

I can't believe the common flu killed this mom and so quickly! My heart goes out to the Jones family who are suffering from this devastating loss. This story and other cases are a wakeup call for all us that we need to take these vaccinations seriously. In the Jones' case it meant a matter of life and death and sadly the latter triumphed.

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