Latina Target worker saves little girl's life in most bizarre kidnapping case ever

natalie calvoA Target employee in the Bay Area of California is being hailed a hero after she rescued a seven-year-old girl from her kidnapper. The 22-year-old loss prevention specialist, Roxanna Ramirez knew something was suspicious about 43-year-old David Douglas wandering the store with little Natalie Calvo.

She took down the man's license plate number and reported it to police, only to learn later that night an Amber Alert was issued for the child. Little did she know that her gut instinct would help save the little girl's life and lead police to the wanted criminal.


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Ramirez told ABC News that she got a "bad vibe" from the man who was fidgeting and seemed extremely nervous with the child in tow. After reporting him to police, she was shocked to find out that he was being searched for the kidnapping of Calvo. Douglas reportedly snatched the girl outside her home Friday night as her parents were unloading groceries after a shopping trip.

The suspect was found four hours after the Amber Alert was issued at the Antioch Marina thanks to Ramirez's report. The girl was unharmed, and police found out that Douglas also tried kidnapping another child the day before Calvo's abduction. The man isn't a registered sex offender nor does he have any connection to the family, but was taken into custody.

Douglas said the reason he kidnapped the child was because he thinks there's a government conspiracy controlling his life, which led him to follow three children the day of the abduction. He says the little girl approached him easily and walked off with him willingly until her mother spotted him taking the child. He says at that point he sped off with the girl in in his car and that they were both scared. Even weirder the man is a father with a son the little girl's age. Since his arrest he's apologized to the child's family and is being held on a four million dollar bond.

Police are hailing Ramirez a true hero and she says she only did what she thought was right. "Don't keep it to yourself because I wanted to keep this to myself and it was a good thing I didn't because I just saved a little girl's life,"  she told ABC.

This is such a BIZARRE kidnapping story. This man sounds like he suffers from some mental problems in order to kidnap an innocent child with no motive whatsoever. I'm glad she went unharmed and is in safe hands now, but imagine if Ramirez hadn't reported the kidnapper to police? This story could have easily ended in tragedy, but thankfully it didn't and hopefully now Douglas can receive the help he needs for the problems plaguing him.

Image via Antioch Police Department

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