This dad was driving so drunk he didn't notice his son fly out of the window

Franklin Jackson mug shotI am so disgusted with a father right now, I can hardly stand it. Perhaps you've heard of Franklin Jackson? Jackson is a 46-year-old father of four from Texas. On Sunday December 22, he was driving in Chicago with his wife and four kids. Allegedly he was drunk, when he lost control of his SUV on Dan Ryan Expressway and slammed into the guardrail TWICE! You would think that he would stop to check and see if his wife and kids were okay, but no. He kept on going. A few blocks later, he did stop at a gas station to check the damage on his vehicle and guess what? His wife, his 1-year-old, his 2-year-old, and his 3-month-old were fine, but his 4-year-old son was gone! As in not in the car at all. WHAT?!


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Oh yeah, the 4-year-old boy, who is also named Franklin Jackson, had been thrown from the vehicle in the accident and landed in a grassy embankment. The little boy was sitting in the SUV's third row and had not been wearing a seat belt. When the father returned to the scene of the accident, police were already there.

Emergency workers rushed the child to the hospital, but he couldn't be saved. That child is dead. I can't even stand to show you a picture of Franklin Jackson Jr. because it's too upsetting to see that beautiful child and know that he lost his life because of his parents' idiocy.

Oh yeah, I'm pissed at both the father and the mother. What the hell? Police found an empty vodka bottle, an empty beer bottle, and an unopened beer bottle in the SUV. Of course the dad should not drink and drive, but HELLO, why the heck did the mother get in the car with him and let him drive around in that state with his children? Not to mention the child was 4 and should have been in a child car seat and strapped in. Everyone else was wearing a seat belt. I'm appalled.

Jackson Senior is being held in jail on a $250,000 bond and charged with reckless homicide and aggravated DUI. I truly hope they throw the book at him. I know I should feel compassion that he lost his son, but the only compassion I feel is for that dead child.

Image via Cook County Sheriff's Department

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