Abuela murdered by her granddaughter for enforcing a rule any Latino parent would

I love my grandmother more than anything in this world, so I can't fathom what one young woman confessed to doing to her abuelita the day before New Year's Eve. According to 21-year-old Diana Rodriguez Garcia, her boyfriend helped her murder her 77-year-old grandmother, Petra Bustamante, before they stuffed her body in a suitcase. 

What caused the murderous rage? Well, it was basically all because Diana wanted to break a rule that most Latino abuelitas and parents have enforced since the beginning of time.


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It turns out that Diana's abuela prohibited her granddaughter from having her boyfriend stay overnight in her home in Mexico City. The young woman had been living with her grandma since January of last year when she asked her to help her out so she could get her own place.

In July, Garcia started going out with a man who hasn't been identified and had him stay over her grandma's home a few times. Abuela Petra wasn't happy about the arrangement (duh!) and told her to leave. On Dec. 30, the couple returned seeking revenge. 

The original plan was for Garcia's boyfriend to go find a car so they could transport the body in the suitcase. But the man never returned and the granddaughter decided to flee before it was too late. It wasn't until New Year's Day that another one of Petra Bustamante's other grandchildren found her body. 

Luckily, Garcia didn't get very far and police were able to find her two days later. I don't understand how a granddaughter can be capable of such an evil crime against her own grandmother who had no problem taking her in when she most needed it. I don't care how much Garcia thought she loved her partner and how much she wanted to be with him, that's absolutely NO excuse for what she did to her poor abuelita. I hope she gets the punishment she deserves and that they find her accomplice soon!

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