Young girl 'angry and frustrated' with her mother does something unthinkable

An 11-year-old girl told police she was so "angry and frustrated" with her mother that she waited until she fell asleep Friday night to do the unthinkable. The girl grabbed a kitchen knife and went into her mom's room where she stabbed her over and over again in the head, the neck and the shoulder.


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Luckily, Toshia Edmonson woke up and managed to take the knife from her daughter but not before being stabbed nine times by her own child. The woman is in the hospital in stable condition while the girl is in a juvenile detention center in Texas.

Apparently, she had gotten mad at her mom because she didn't want to be home after being dropped off there a bit before midnight Friday. The girl told police her mother threatened to give her away and then shoved her into a couch. I guess that made her furious and that's why she decided to harm her mother.

I've no idea if she intended to kill her, but it looks like the scene was pretty bloody and her little brother got a glimpse of it all before running out of the apartment screaming for help. Poor kid!

While it's impossible for me to know what was the real motive for such a gory attack, the truth is that it's heartbreaking--and scary--to imagine an 11-year-old having to resort to such violence. I don't know what'll end up happening to her, but I can't help wonder how a mother and a daughter are able to move forward after something so horrific.

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