10-year-old Latina burns down her entire home doing something all kids do

Like many other people, the Berrios family had planned to celebrate the New Year with fireworks. But the Houston family never imagined that hours before the celebration one of their daughters would make a mistake that would leave them homeless and without possessions. That's because 10-year-old Rebecca Berrios decided to play with the fireworks and, before she knew it, she had set the house on fire.


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Unfortunately, the raging fire engulfed the home in no time burning down everything in sight--including all the gifts the three Berrios children received for Christmas last week and even the two minivans parked outside. How tragic!

Fortunately, all five family members and their five dogs escaped unharmed from a fire that could have very well ended in even more tragedy. Marcos Berrios told a local reporter he'd lost everything except his faith. The father of three had been in the backyard working on a car when the fire got started.

I can only imagine the terror the girl must have felt when she realized what she'd done. But I don't know what scared her more, the raging fire or getting in trouble with her parents for what she had caused!

It's so sad that this family has to start the new year in such a tragic way! But at least they can be thankful that even though they lost all their material possessions, they still have each other. In the end, that's all that matters!

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