Two Latina girls found dead in New Year's Day murder-suicide

While most of us spent the last couple of days celebrating the New Year, one Arizona mother was faced with the most horrific of news: her two little girls had been killed by their father in an apparent murder-suicide. Police believe Alejandro Gallardo, 45, shot his two daughters, ages 6 and 8, before taking his own life. A teenage relative found the three bodies inside the home Wednesday morning and her hysterical wailing was heard around the neighborhood.


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The motive for such horrific crime has not been revealed, but based on neighbors' accounts, it appears as if Gallardo's relationship with the girls' mother was coming to an end and he was extremely unhappy about that. According to several neighbors, the couple fought all the time and one even said that Gallardo had threatened to kill himself because of his love woes, but no one took him seriously.

"He never said that he was going to do that to the little girls. I think he loved them a lot, so he took them with him," neighbor Guadalupe Medina told the Arizona Republic.

If that was the case, that's the most twisted way of showing people you love them. I will never understand how a parent can do something so cruel to his own children. It's obvious that he wanted to hurt his girlfriend, the mother of the girls, with his last cowardly act. But why couldn't he just commit suicide and leave his daughters alone? I'm sure that would've been devastating for the girls, but at least they'd be alive. 

Now, their mother is left with nothing and I honestly don't know how the poor woman will be able to cope. What a tragic way of starting the new year!

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